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Strandgut Panorama

a special exhibition (in German)

18th March to 22nd June 2014

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«Stand-Fest» (in German)

100 Tiere – 100 Jahre im Zoologischen Museum
17. April bis 15. Mai 2014


A Showcase for the University

With its permanent exhibition, special exhibitions and numerous events, in addition to special offers for schools and groups, the Zoological Museum contributes an important part to the education and the independent formation of public opinion. It raises awareness and enthusiasm for the beauty, diversity and value of nature. The museum considers itself the university’s showcase and promotes the understanding of university research and its function within the general population.

Permanent Exhibition
Special Exhibition (in German)
School and other Groups (in German)
Guided Tours and Events

The museum is affiliated with the Institute of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies within the Faculty of Science.