Kindergeburtstag Knochen


What is the PROCEDURE of the birthday party?

The birthday party lasts for two hours and is divided into three parts: It starts with a 45 minute guided program. This is followed by a half hour break (drinks and birthday cake etc. are not provided by the museum). The second 45 minute part of the guided program will take place after the break. Photos are allowed.

An accompanying adult must be present during the guided tour through the museum at all times for insurance reasons. Parents are responsible for looking after the children during the break.

How is the guided PROGRAM designed?

The program is interactive and age-appropriate. With animal materials to touch and play, and craft and research activities. Depending on the chosen theme, the birthday group will learn about the life of giants in the animal kingdom, about animals from fairy tales and legends, or experience amazing and funny movements of animals from all over the world.

How many CHILDREN can attend the birthday party?

We accept 10 children max per group (birthday kid and siblings included). With smaller groups it is easier to individually look after the children. Tip: select the number of children according to the age of the birthday child.

If the birthday group consist of 11-20 children, we will provide a second guide. The price will then be CHF 400. We will divide the group for the guided part in the museum but the break will be spent together.   

Please indicate the group size in the request form. If the number of children increases to more than 10 after registration, please contact us at least three weeks before the event. We then will clarify whether a second guide will be available on that date.

An unannounced large group will be divided. The groups will only be able to take part alternately. The waiting group must be cared for by an accompanying person.

How many ACCOMPANYING persons can I bring and what will their duties be?

For a group of max 10 children we recommend 2 accompanying adults.

For 11-22 children who will be divided into two groups 3-4 adults are recommended.  The accompanying adults are responsible for taking care of the children during the break. They organize the decoration and the cleaning up of the break room. The adults are also responsible for helping during the tour in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

How is the BREAK ROOM equipped and what do I need bring myself?

The room has a water connection that can be used for preparing drinks. There are also chairs and tables. For the birthday child there is a special animal birthday throne.

You should bring dishes, cutlery, food, lighter and any decorations if necessary. Candles must be lit under supervision, table bombs are not allowed.

Refrigerator and washing machine are not available. The toilets are located directly in front of the museum’s entrance.

When do I set up the BREAK ROOM?

15 minutes before the break, one adult leaves the group to set up the room. The room needs to be cleaned (swept, wiped tables) no more than 15 minutes after the break because the room might be used again afterwards.

You can leave the food, gifts etc. at the museum’s welcome desk (right at the entrance to the museum) upon your arrival.

Is there PARKING at the Zoological Museum?

Public parking is limited in the surrounding area. We therefore recommend the journey by public transport.

Can I reach the Zoological Museum by PUBLIC TRANSPORT?

The museum is easily accessible by public transport (Tram nos. 6, 9, 10 and the Polybahn).

What happens if the birthday group arrives LATE?

In the event of late arrival, we cannot guarantee full implementation of the birthday program. We therefore recommend that you and your guests meet in front of the building 15 minutes before the event starts. Then enter the museum punctually as a closed group. The care of the children before and after the event is the accompanying adults’ responsibility.

What do I need to consider when CANCELING?

Short notice cancellation ,i.e. less than 3 days before the event, must be made by phone (+41 44 634 38 38) during the museum’s opening hours. For cancellations that are made less than 24 hours before the event, we will charge the full amount.

The registration for a birthday party is binding. Temporary reservations cannot be accepted for administrative reasons.