Star architects and the Zoological Museum

The City Campus of the University of Zurich and so also the Zoological Museum were built by the architect Karl Moser (1860-1936) and opened in 1914. About 70 years later, during the renovation of Collegiate Building II, architect Ernst Gisel (*1922) was asked to create considerably more room inside without changing the external appearance of the landmark building. He built a “house within a house”, supported on a reinforced concrete structure with four pillars, which range from the newly created basement to the 2nd floor. Suspended to this frame is a large lecture hall for 400 people, as well as a library and reading rooms that are flooded with natural light. The new Zoological and Paleontological Museum was re-opened on July 4, 1991.

Ernst Gisel Bau
Architektur Deckensegel
Betonpreis 1993
The “house within the house” is hung from the concrete pillars. The “Raumsegel” artwork by Martin Schwarz illustrates the floating lecture hall. For the renovation, architect Ernst Gisel was awarded the “Betonpreis” and the Swiss Heritage Prize in 1993.