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Zoological Museum

Specimen loan

The Zoological Museum loans specimens for scientific and educational purposes to museums, universities, schools, authorities and environmental organizations.

ATTENTION: Unfortunately, due to preparations for our relocation, lending specimens is not possible for the time being. 

Loan policy

  1. The loan is free of charge. School children can borrow specimens only with an accompanying adult.
  2. The reservation needs to be issued by request form at least two weeks in advance.
  3. Pick up and return of specimens is possible during the museum’s usual opening hours. The person borrowing the specimens must be present in person for the pick up as well as for the return.
  4. Maximum length of loan is 3 weeks. An extension can be granted, if the specimens are not required elsewhere. 
  5. Specimens are to be maintained in their original state (no demounting or mounting). The specimens must neither be touched (except on the mount) or contaminated nor be exposed to moisture.
  6. Damaged, destroyed and lost specimens are repaired or replaced by the museum at the expense of the borrower. For all damage repairs to specimens and mounts, the museum charges an hourly rate of CHF 120.- (repair work incl. administrational fees).
  7. The specimens are packed for transportation. For return transport, the items must be packed and secured equally. The dispatch of specimens is not possible.
  8. Specimens can be contaminated with biocides. They should not be touched, or if necessary only with latex or nitrile gloves. If contact with specimens takes place accidentally, hands should be washed with water and soap.
  9. Transportation and insurance are the responsibility of the borrowing person.


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