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Zoological Museum

2019: AQUA – Photos by Michel Roggo

23 July 2019 – 2 February 2020

In 2009 the Swiss Photographer Michel Roggo decided to take photos of thirty bodies of water around the world and launched his Freshwater Project. For seven years he travelled around the world to take pictures of streams, rivers and lakes and finally thirty water reserves ended up being forty. His aim was to document all major types of freshwater on Earth, above as well as below the water surface. This often required the 69-year old photographer to put on his diving gear and get in the water.

The exhibition AQUA was produced by the Natural History Museum in Freiburg (CH). It gave visitors glimpses of magical underwater landscapes and exotic flora and fauna, ice and rock formations. Various making-of films highlighted the photographer’s often arduous journeys and the extreme conditions he and his team came up against.