Preview 2021 - evolution happens!

2021 evolution happens!

June 15 to November 28 2021, prolonged from January 4 to February 27 2022

Evolution is often perceived as a slow process spanning millions of years, which has been completed since the appearance of modern man. However, evolution progresses continuously, sometimes fast, and can even take place within just a few decades. In cooperation with the University Research Priority Program "Evolution in Action", the Zoological Museum of the University of Zurich presents a special exhibition that makes ongoing evolutionary processes perceptible. Where does evolution happen around us, and how does it affect our everyday lives?

evolution happens!

Based on examples from the research fields of medicine, agriculture, and nature conservation "evolution happens!" conveys that evolutionary processes shape our environment and are also observable today. With numerous interactive components, the exhibition invites you to participate.


The exhibition is a collaboration between several research groups from the University Research Priority Program "Evolution in Action – from Genomes to Ecosystems" of the University of Zurich, the Zoological Museum of the University of Zurich, and the scenographic agency raumprodukt gmbH Zurich. Its implementation was supported by an Agora grant of the Swiss National Science Foundation and by the Ernst Göhner Foundation.

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