2020 Milch 700x160

«Milk – maternal elixir»

10 March - 29 November 2020

Milk is the basis for life of all mammals and a motherly investment in the next generation. It is produced by female organisms in an elaborate process, is as variegated as the mammals themselves and reflects their social behavior and environment. During the course of evolution, animals have developed different ways to feed their young. Milk is one of them. The special exhibition «Milk» produced by the Natural History Museum of Fribourg, highlights the fascinating biological aspects of this maternal elixir.

2020 Milch Zebra
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 © Anton Belovodchenko
Polar bear mom feeding newborn cubs



2020 Milch Robbe

© simoneemanphoto
A baby Zebra drinks with its mother

2020 Milch Makka

© xyo33 
Gibraltar monkey baby suckling its mother